IntegratorWP® Screen Shots

The following screen shots present some of the most representative modules of the IntegratorWP® workflow system.

1. To enter the IntegratorWP® system the user can choose the English, Portuguese or Spanish languages. Others languages will be available in 2005.

2. The user’s Inbox functions as a control center where all pending items are listed for a specific workstation. In this screen the user moves the item to his or her desktop, analyses the content of the item or opens a new item, in addition to other possible activities:
3. This is the module within IntegratorWP® that provides the system administrator with the necessary tools to construct workflows, processes and rules. The application utilizes MS Visio as its graphics interface for the construction of workflows. This aspect makes the IntegratorWP® a powerful workflow application that is fast and simple to implement:
4. The screen below presents the IntegratorWP® module for forms construction which is also a graphical environment enabling forms to be created quickly and with a high degree of flexibility:

5. The association of individual users to specific work groups is performed from a single screen, thus facilitating the process and increasing the speed in group formation by the system administrator:
6. The screen below presents a view of where the properties of each station are created, as well as the creation of the rules that will be applied:
7. The first screen presents a view of the operational tracking control capabilities of each flow. The second screen below, demonstrates various graphs that assist in the evaluation of process tendencies through selected executive indicators: