The strategy to control company operational flows

The IntegratorWP® BPM solution proposes to increase company productivity by systematizing the integration among business processes, employees and legacy systems, thus optimizing and improving the flow of activities that make-up the company’s operations and infrastructure. In fact, the solution takes the concept of corporate productivity to new levels.

The BPM (Business Process Management) model on which the IntegratorWP® is based allows companies to identify and isolate their operational processes and then systematize them, based on predefined business rules that are dynamic and flexible. The solution helps build an environment of continuous corporate innovation that produces measurable ROI results.

Examples of the IntegratorWP® applications:

Help Desks
Call registration, tracking and follow-up until issue is resolved

Request Registration & Tracking
Registration and tracking of internal or external requests and requisitions that demand action until they are fully resolved

Management of Outsourced Service Providers
Registers requests to outsourced service providers and tracks their activities until each assigned task is completed

Project Coordination
Control and follow-up of distinct projects by monitoring tasks, people and time, from the start to the final conclusion

Web Site Integration to Internal Flows
Receives client information through the company's web site. IntegratorWP® can handle and resolve the received information or integrate the information into other applications

Registration & Tracking of Government Processes
Taxpayers frequently experience postponements and delays in the various processes that circulate through the governmental bureaucracy, whether it’s the federal, state or municipal government. With IntegratorWP® you can control, expedite and track each one of these processes, increasing the level of services rendered to citizens.

Insurance Activity Management
IntegratorWP® can monitor and track insurance proposals from their generation to the final policy issuance. Similarly, Claims can be controlled from the point of a Claim Notice, to the final payment.

Credit Analysis Management
Controls credit requests by tracking each proposal through the various analysis and approval steps to the conclusion of the entire process. In general, the expenses incurred by companies in order to control organizational processes are high, and generally unsatisfactory. These controls are commonly administered manually, through the use of spreadsheets, papers, e-mails and a series of tools that do not allow efficient automation and/or tracking.
The benefits obtained by investing in strategies that enhance efficacy, automate and standardize business flows have an unparalleled ROI level.


The knowledge required to operate a successful organization is based on the standardization of best practices used by its employees. The Conversion of best practices into standardized flows enables a drastic reduction in operational expenses and the deployment of the necessary infrastructure, on which activities are efficiently tracked and results monitored.

Standardized processes benefit in the following ways:

Reduction of expenses due to technological resource optimization
Optimization of human resources performance
Monitoring of contractual deadline achievement

Properly elaborated standardization helps to solve quickly and efficiently business processes for customers, suppliers and internal users


Required Investment
The required investment is extremely competitive when compared to current market solutions available today. There are no customization expenses or the so-called hidden costs

Integration of Legacy Systems
The solutions existing applications, will greatly profit in functionality when integrated to the solution or to other systems through the IntegratorWP® integration module

Immediate Use
The implementation period can vary from a few hours, to in some cases days and the system will be operational

Multi-Language System
IntegratorWP® is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish

The system can be used anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and the system can be accessed for queries, updates or administration

Performance Measurement
The executive can access from any single point of his/her organizational structure and measure performance

Economical Optimizations

Increases the performance of every employee
Reduces activities involved in each task
Reduces rework
Reduces the use of telephones
Optimizes the use of IT equipment
Reduces mail
Optimizes the use of overnight shipping services

Operational Optimizations

IntegratorWP® allows for the efficient control of personnel performance, operations, sales, services, IT, customer services or suppliers. All involved will work in an integrated environment

IntegratorWP® centralizes in a single location the control of operational activities. It organizes the synchronization of tasks resulting in the maximum possible utilization of available resources. The result is a more efficient company and a higher degree of satisfied clients